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“Engaging Narratives for a Metaverse Pioneer"

Contributed to a transformative social media campaign for a Fortune 100 company which became a successful wider initiative to establish an people-friendly brand perception resulting in over 10M app downloads and $700M+ in sales, with story outlines backed by deep research and strategic analysis,


Audience-brand connection is missing so client needed to create an accurate brand-perception via relatable social media campaign.


Utilized research methods like consumer behaviour and trend analysis to drive 4 Ps framework of storytelling to shape transformative social media campaign.


Foster accessible brand identity, generating 10M+ app downloads, $700M+ sales. 

Vinaya collaborated closely with senior stakeholders to extract essential objectives from the client's brief and categorise client preferences into must-haves, nice-to-haves, and avoidables. This deep grasp of the client brief informed her approach to the problem statement.

She crafted research-backed narratives which were translated into succinct one-slide previews of storylines, visuals and themes. 

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