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“Strategic Market Revitalization for a Global Pharma Leader”

Achieved twofold revenue surge to £67.8B and enhanced performance by 10% across 3 global markets, substantiated by strong client rapport and evident market growth, by pioneering innovative marketing strategies and revitlising marketing tactics. 



The Fortune 100 brand demanded a transformattion in market performance to stay competitive, relevant and inturn boost revenue. 


Foster impactful client synergy for deep brand and business understanding to deliver innovative marketing ideas and strategic consultation, to enhance cross-brand mastery through tools and plans,  including an ROI optimisation model 



Doubled revenue to £67.8B, achieved 10%+ growth in 3 global markets, and guided successful sub-brand launch with a £2.2B market cap.

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Vinaya crafted innovative marketing approaches aligned with the brand's vision, reinforced by robust market research and analytical prowess. Her commitment to staying current with the client's industry, complemented by easy, adept use of relevant cutting-edge technologies fostered the client's confidence in her work.

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Her empathetic communication unveiled client concerns, fostering trust through her unwavering excellence in project outcomes. This rapport enabled impactful and innovative suggestions benefiting both client and company.

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Manoeuvring project-relevant organisation tools like Jira and Asana, she adeptly balanced budgets, timelines, and dynamic shifts to ensure timely, impactful deliverables and client alignment.

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