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“Orchestrating Metaverse Events & Experiences”

Vinaya bolstered the success of metaverse events, including a £1.5 million ‘product launch’ with over 100 virtual participants, by streamlining processes between the creative teams, business teams and client. 

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Spatial soundscape


Challenged to orchestrate, complex and immersive metaverse events requiring seamless coordination and client alignment 


Leverage agile methodologies to streamline communication and workflow, and employ engagement strategies for accessibility and effective branding


High-engagement, memorable £1m+ budget events with 100+ participants with seamless operations and superior client satisfaction

Vinaya bridged the creative-business gap to seamlessly drive the success of high-stakes events. Using agile methodologies and her profound understanding of virtual platforms like Mozilla Hubs, she mitigated technological challenges and enhanced process efficiency.


She translated business objectives and client expectations into clear directives by defining the KPIs of a successful event, benefiting all team members and key stakeholders involved in smoothly delivering an interactive environment and engaging event experience. In her projects, post-event metrics reflected 75% attendance, 90% participation, and 50% ease-of-use ratings, underlining the success of strategic and operational expertise in orchestrating metaverse events.

Among her notable accomplishments was a £1.5 million product launch with over 100 participants and social for Amazon UK. 

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