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“Sustainable Brand's Digital Debut”

Spearheaded a luxury accessible sustainable brand's digital debut, predicted to boost sales by 25% and website engagement by 50% through strategic insight mining and emotionally-resonant storytelling, by delivering a compelling creative strategy and copies


Ecoveeve needed a compelling digital debut to boost sales and website engagement, and secure business partnerships.


Defined business goals, crystallized brand identity, and created targeted content through market research and competitor analysis.


Predicted to increase sales by 25%, website engagement by 50%, and provide a 5% chance of securing a business partnership.

For satisfying Sundays when you bring home bread fresh and wine fine,

Well carried in pure cotton and happy hues, mindfully crafted to comfort your shoulder.
Pure, practical, and profoundly pretty.
A tote to hold you(r things). 
for Ecoveeve, 2023

Vinaya collaborated with the founder to define short-term and long-term business goals, crystallising the new brand's identity.


This helped arrive at the focus of the brand's promotional content: securing a business partnership and building a strong consumer community.


Identifying the brand's unique selling proposition (their commitment to sustainability and ethics) through extensive competitor analysis, she integrated this understanding into impactful content design driven by cause marketing. Through a data-driven approach, by employing market research and landscaping, Google Trends analysis, and SEO content strategy she crafted targeted copies to communicate the brand's values. 


To maintain an organised approach and achieve high quality branding, she conceived a mood board on Miro with inputs from all teams involved, to maintain consistent brand representation across all platforms.


Her results include comprehensive copies backed by her creative strategy, and an anticipated outcome of a 25% increase in sales, a 50% increase in website engagement, and a 5% chance of securing a business partnership. 

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Unwavering Commitment, Uplifting Lives
Catering to the discerning taste of the conscious, the captivating beauty of our designs lies within their mindful creation.

In enabling and nurturing workshops, our craftspersons breathe life into their craft and craft their independent lives in the process. Their empowerment is our triumph.
Our natural, biodegradable cloths are tinted with azo-free dyes thoughtfully blended in recycled water. And fabrics are never excess, only reimagined.

We cruise contemporary innovation while practicing the slow, alluring lifestyle, and resurfacing ancient craft. 
Our unwavering commitment is to responsible choices,
For Earth
And You.
for Ecoveeve, 2023
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