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“Website Redesign & Engagement Amplification for an XR Marketplace”

Enhanced Blend Media's digital impact, surpassing output expectations by 40%, and laying groundwork for future growth through strategic, research-oriented copywriting.


Blend Media's website lacked engagement and clarity in brand pitch, impacting reach within the XR and metaverse marketplace.


Delivered impactful copies employing case study marketing and solution selling using educational promotion to highlight USPs


Delivered 40% more content than planned, secured major business partnerships, and achieved a twofold boost in brand awareness.

The future of entertainment is a drastic shift towards multisensory, highly immersive and holistic experiences beyond the bounds of imagination. XR has the potential to bring any form of entertainment to life, fight Rocky in a virtual reality game, dance with Kylie through an AR-powered Instagram experience, or dive into complete worlds, like Asgard, where you can interact with 3D characters and objects. It’s all about ‘story living’ for the pinnacle of entertainment. 

Blend Media Website 2022 (Website Sprint 1)

Vinaya accumulated a deep understanding of the brand and delivered strategy-backed content to emphasize the unique value proposition through case study marketing and solution selling. 

By using an accurate tone of voice to captivate the audience, while leveraging educational promotion and value demonstration techniques her copies aided the agency to foster a strong creator community and secure major business partnerships with brands including Harvard Business Review and Dr. Martens. 

Accomplishing the goal to gain clarity in brand pitch and amplify Blend Media's reach within their XR and metaverse marketplace, Vinaya delivered comprehensive marketing content for the entire website under a strict deadline. 

Exceeding the expected outcome by delivering valuable long-term assets, her contribution is still a striking part of the agency's website, enhancing brand communication as reported by 90% of the leadership. 

This is an opportunity for brands to communicate their personality, values and purpose by shifting from story-telling to story-living. Highly immersive experiences can capture and deepen the connection with new and existing audiences, by increasing their involvement with the brand like never before.

Blend Media Website 2023 (Website Sprint 2)

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