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social marketing campaign for client: Meta, with Salt & Lime Media

Delivered Meta's latest social marketing plan supported by the script and visuals for the stories for Meta's social channels. The idea has now turned into a $ million dollar global marketing campaign to be launched shortly and Meta continues to be a trusted client to the agency.


Meta is working on establishing the relevance of “XR” to the masses. Their latest promotional objective was to use social channels to communicate the various Meta products that are enabling this to happen (Oculus, Spark AR, Facebook avatars and so on).

We presented a curation of various stories around the world showcasing how extended reality is now becoming a part of a human being’s regular life in various creative ways including their workout routines, medical procedures, community events and so on.

“Meta is helping build a future where people have more ways to play and connect in the metaverse. Welcome to the next chapter of social connection”

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digital rebranding for Blend Media

Created an impactful digital presence to communicate the value of the company and the problems they are providing solutions to in the XR space leading to the upscaling of the business, in partnership with the Head of Marketing and the CEO.

The business was looking for accurate and exciting communication to showcase what they can offer their clients through the limitless possibilities of XR. By curating exceptional promotional media with extensive copies and supporting visuals arrived the outcome of the current website which has various lenses of XR usecases across varied industries, multiple technologies and business domains.

events communication and production for Echobubbles

Metaverse and XR events communication and production including copies for announcements, PR partnerships and communicty engagement with proactive strategic communication acting as an intermediary between clients, creators, attendees and key business stakeholders.

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Echobubbles is the world's first ecological metaverse agency that builds cool virtual spaces for a meet up: a web3 product launch party, NFT viewing, coffee socials or any other occassion that you name. I helped them with end-to-end event communication and production often for high-budget and exclusive / secret events in the metaverse

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fashion journalism for multi-sensorial indie haute couture brand


Cheng Cheng x OVERDUE Magazine



rebranding Sabyasachi

marketing campaign for Burberry


Link to Undefined

A space in the metaverse for digital artists and fashion marketers

art direction projects



photography, lighting & creatives

movement with Oli Metzlar
Andrew Kimber

Rahi Chaddha for Fendi
Andrew Kimber

Go sees for OVERDUE Magazine
Andrew Kimber

Pup Fiction 
Andrew Kimber

Vitalij Sidorovic

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