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I am all about passionexploding creativity and drama. To keep it simple, I love everything fashion and tech. There are a few things I love more than treating the body as art, creating beautiful things and being in the spotlight.

I was born to two beautiful people, Naresh Vaidyanathan and Dr Jyothi Naresh. We are from South India. At 21 years, I represented my state in Miss South India. At 24 yearsI wear a wide range of hats.

Currently pursuing MA in Fashion Promotion, Communication and Media at Istituto Marangoni, London, I conceptualize, write, create, produce and sometimes I am my own muse. I did my B. Tech in Information Technology at SRM University, Chennai, India. My strengths are fash-tech, web 3.0, branding, marketing, working with moods and liaising between clients and creatives. 

The constant silver lining to my story is my urge to break through cultural and societal boundaries
English, Français (French), हिंदी (Hindi), and தமிழ் (Tamil) are a few of the languages I know.

Most important of all... I am a people person. So if you want to work together or chat over coffee... 
lets connect!

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